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Zentaipunks: A Rhizomatic Collaborative Jam

Exploring Privacy and the Erasure of Identity
By Sun Deep

The Zentai Blockchain Collective, also known as the Zentai Collective, was founded after the creation of Bitcoin with the aim to develop a theory of blockchain governance by investigating both the institutional and extitutional dynamics existing in blockchain communities.

The video chronicles a rhizomatic collaborative jam of the Zentai Collective when a group of self described Zentaipunks encounter each other and are moved to bring cypherpunk and blockchain theories into the real world together, exploring the implications of these philosophies beyond the digital space. The group members wear full body and face covering garments, called Zentai suits, to encrypt their identities, while they take us along with them exploring a public space together, discussing their views on privacy, pseudonymity, and the simultaneous expansion and erasure of identity granted through hiding their physical appearances.