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Masthead & Contributors

Black Sky Nexus Collective - Issue 00000000 Contributors

Stellar Magnet has been in the DAO ecosystem since 2017 contributing to communities such as Moloch DAO, AssangeDAO, Autark, BrightID, and Space Decentral. She is now focused on helping bring Black Sky to life in addition to building tools for anonymous DAOs on Dark.Fi. She led Space Cooperative, a worker-owned cooperative which had a mission to create Space Decentral, a DAO that would have been a citizen-led decentralized space agency. She has also been practicing product management and UI/UX design since 2008. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley.

E. Øss is a writer and painter from the Midwest. She received her MFA from The University of Michigan’s Helen Zell Writers’ Program where she was also granted a postgraduate Zell Fellowship. Her writing has been featured in Glimmer Train, SmokeLong Quarterly, Cincinnati Review, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, and elsewhere. She has previously taught writing at the University of Michigan and Southern Illinois University. She paints dystopian oil landscapes featuring UFOs as well as retablos of sanctified/iconographic monsters and creatures. Currently she lives in the American Southwest and is interested in the ways in which the crypto community can revolutionize the arts.

Sun Deep is a multidimensional digital and language artist and is the first artist-in-residence for Black Sky’s artist residency and fellowship program. Through her art, she explores the concepts of multiple realities, personas and multifaceted identities, puns, language hacking, metalinguistic narratives, the (sub)cultural landscape, and the depths of human emotion. Her work has been exhibited throughout the underground scene in Los Angeles. Her recently released NFT collection called “Hella Feelin it” was featured at Black Sky’s Event: 00000001 and consists of still and dynamic digital visuals. She studied Psychology at UC Berkeley.

Meredith has been in the crypto ecosystem since 2012, participating in early smart contract technologies like counterparty and token, they later went on to build unpaid labor coin, prayercoin and emotional intelligence. They have been involved in early robotic hacktivist groups like the botmatrix and contemporary communities like The Yak Collective, 1729, Coterie of the Fox, and has participated in a number of DAOs from Seedclub to Refractory. They have an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Philosophy from the University of Chicago and a degree in Media Art from NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP).

Wadada is a graphic designer and digital artist with a degree in economics. For many years he has been closely associated with the blockchain culture and the digital economy. In his works, he tries to draw attention to transformations in society and the world economy, mixing philosophical postulates there. From an early age he studied Chinese and Japanese culture, which is reflected in his works. Wadada develops and establishes a direction in digital art - crypto-dadaism. He tries to create art that has not only aesthetic properties, but also draws attention to the problems of society’s subconscious.

Additional Issue 00000000 Contributors

Giulio Prisco is a writer and futurist who used to work for CERN and the European Space Agency. His recent book is Futurist spaceflight meditations.

Rose O'Leary is a writer, programmer, and DarkFi coder. She is the author of Lunarpunk and the Dark Side of the Cycle, a thesis on the emerging anonymous underside of the cryptocurrency industry.

Fatemeh Fannizadeh is a crypto lawyer and strategist. She is an advocate for freedom of speach and open knowledge, working on mesh networks, decentralised systems and privacy tech.

Silke Noa is a lawyer and mathematician with a passion for privacy tech. Silke has advised blockchain projects since 2014 focusing on pragmatic and dispute-resistant legal product design. As CLO from 2018-2022, she was in charge of all things legal at Gnosis. She regularly advises on DAO structures and their interaction with legacy legal systems. Silke is admitted to practice law in England & Wales, New York and Germany.

Dopplereffekt are one of the most mysterious, thrilling and consistently challenging entities in electronic music.

Attila Csihar is best known as the singer of seminal black metal band Mayhem, as well as his numerous contributions to other bands notably Sunn O))) and Tormentor. His latest project is Void ov Voices.

Additional thanks to:

  • UniPuff for language contributions to Transformative Autonomous Organizations
  • Autocrat for some last minute CSS saves
  • Armor for some last minute cover layout magic
  • Blackmoon77 for the lightsail line drawing in Interstellar
  • DAOSquare for providing a grant that made Issue 0000000 possible
  • MolochDAO for providing a grant that will contribute to the release of Issue 00000001