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Traversing Neurotelepathic Wormholes with Dopplereffekt

By Sun Deep

On December 20, 2020, Dopplereffekt premiered their piece Relativistic Singularity during the online event Azimuth, which was viewed live in the metaverse by an audience of avatars around the globe.

During this time, online streaming events were still in a relatively nascent stage amid the pandemic. This event took place on the eve of the great conjunction and was the culmination of a collective vision to make a gathering in which people could be “together” in some realm despite COVID restrictions. The event itself laid down the groundwork for what is now Black Sky.

We were extremely honored to have Dopplereffekt take part in this virtual event, as their work aligns deeply with our own cosmic curiosity and watching Dopplereffekt’s highly developed interaction of sounds and visuals can feel like receiving a transmission of knowledge from a distant future.

This performance, titlted Relativistic Singularity has been archived as an NFT. We believe this may be the first ever performance NFT that has ties to the early Detroit techno underground: Dopplereffekt’s Heinrich Mueller is one half of the seminal nautical futurist duo Drexciya, as well as numerous other projects including Arpanet and Der Zyklus.

Dopperleffekt always covers an array of intriguing scientific topics in their work, including their latest album Neurotelepathy, which is about "considerations of the machine-human interface, neurological realities and physical probabilities." Neurotelepathy is on the label Leisure System and is Dopplereffekt’s first album in five years. As masterfully as always, the duo of Mueller and To Nhan Le Thi conjure up erudite sonic environments that seemingly tranduce the subject matter they are exploring into something that feels very much like a Cerebral Data Download 2100 A.D. which is one of the album’s aptly titled tracks. An uncanny experience of something beyond passive listening occurs with this album, of mysteries unfolding before you, igniting profound curiosity that stimulates your evolution. The album was released digitally on April 14th via Bandcamp and the vinyl release is already sold out.

If you love all things Heinrich Mueller, he has a new project with Julia Pello called Mirovaya Liniya, which is Russian for "World Line". Mirovaya Liniya takes you on a haunting poetic journey of spoken word woven into transcendent soundscapes. The coalescing of these energies incites emotions and visions from alternate realities. The music punctuates the reflections that are articulated, propelling questions deep into one’s subconsciousness to be answered later in a dream.