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Call for Submissions

Black Sky Nexus is open for submissions related to the theme of Issue 00000001, Autonomy through Anonymity, which focuses on the roles of privacy and anonymity as essential elements of digital self-defense and self-organization, cypherpunk history, and lunarpunk potentialities. Submissions must be original and previously unpublished work and can include: art, articles, op-eds, comics, videos, animation, interviews, satire, or other informative media.


  • Email submissions to by 16 June 2023.

  • Subject heading: please include the type of submission (e.g. article, op-ed, interview) and your preferred public or anonymous publishing name within the subject heading of the email. For instance: “Art Submission by Janeish Doe”

  • In the body of the email, include one or two paragraphs (250 words max) summarizing your submission and why you feel it is a good fit for the theme of the issue.

    • Example: “I’m including an art submission of original digital graphics depicting what I imagine the future will look like without the human race prioritizing encryption and freedom from surveillance.”
    • Make sure to also clarify the following: a) what is your intended audience and b) what value does it provide for them (useful resources, novel conceptualizations, aesthetic enjoyment etc).
  • Include the actual submission as an attachment. (For any written content, please use an easily readable font in your submission).

Note: at this time we are unable to offer compensation for work accepted in the publication, but we will be awarding retroactive tokens at some point in the future to all Black Sky Nexus contributors. We will respond as soon as possible either accepting or declining each submission.

We look forward to receiving your contribution!