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Cryptocurrency 101

Black Sky Nexus plans to maintain open source Crypto 101 resources which will include original educational guides, in addition to curated links to external resources where appropriate.

Work in progress

This resource is in an early draft mode. Contributions to make it better are very welcome!


  • Gemini maintains Cryptopedia, which includes some decent Crypto 101 material.
  • Unstoppable Domains maintains a Web3 glossary, if you want to better understand what terms like WAGMI, PFP, or Diamond Hands mean.
  • The Defiant has some good DeFi 101 resources.
  • The Satoshi Nakamoto Institute maintains a nice archive of critical historic texts related to bitcoin, crypto-anarchy, free software, etc.
  • There is a great independently curated list of awesome things related to learning zero knowledge proofs.
  • Gnosis Guild is launching ZODIAC.WIKI, an upcoming resource documenting a pattern language for DAOs, explaining common problems that DAOs face and proposed solutions.

Sacred Texts

Bitcoin & Ethereum Deep Dives





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