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Ephemeral Addresses for Public Interactions

Post-Web Pattern

NOTE: This pattern is a work in progress and needs to be further clarified and enhanced.

Overview: In a wallet interface designed for privacy, use a default address as the primary "indexed address" and reserve ephemeral addresses for single-use scenarios, especially when engaging in public interactions, such as incoming cross-chain transfers.

Details: The wallet interface should display the default address for general use while keeping ephemeral addresses hidden or less accessible. These ephemeral addresses are intended for one-time use in more publicly visible transactions, such as incoming cross-chain transfers. The wallet interface should be designed to abstract ephemeral address usage from the user and avoid using the default address in public interactions.

Benefits: By associating public transactions with ephemeral addresses, any future actions using those funds within the system remain completely shielded, enhancing privacy.

Technical Dependency: The address key structure must be similar to the Zcash Sapling design to implement this pattern effectively.

Example: This pattern is inspired by Penumbra's design, which employs ephemeral addresses for specific public interactions.